Send To Options — settings for word processing and spreadsheet programs

The Send To Options dialog box for your word processing programs contains these options.


Under Send Items As:

  • Convert to file type — Specifies the type of file for the selected word processing program. By default, PaperPort selects the default file type for the selected program.

    Usually, there is no need to change the default file type except in special situations. For example, you may want to convert text to the HTML format for use in a web page, rather than use the default file type. Both the OCR and the word processing program must support the selected file type.

  • Convert image to text (OCR) with — Identifies the OCR program to use to convert scanned document images to editable documents. This option is available only when you have an OCR program other than the one provided with PaperPort.

If you select PaperPort OCR, click the Settings button to change default settings for the PaperPort OCR. You can then select:

  • Auto orient page — Automatically rotates pages so that the text is upright. Upright text is required for OCR.

  • Single column output — Removes columns from multi-column documents so that converted text appears in a one-column format. Clear this checkbox to maintain a column formatting, such as in a spreadsheet table.

If you select OmniPage or TextBridge, click the Settings button to change default settings for that program. The options will vary depending upon your choice. For information about the various settings, refer to the Help provided with the selected program.

  • Combine items into single file, if possible. Combines all selected items into a single file that contains multiple pages.


Word processing program options