Convert Color

Select one or more files and choose  the SET tools button PaperPort select image tool Convert Color in the item ribbon to access this in PaperPort.  Access this in Image View and ImageViewer in the item’s shortcut menu.


You can use the Convert Color dialog box to convert an image to a different colored image type, such as black and white, halftone, grayscale, or color.

In the Select Color Type area, click the image you prefer, and then click OK.

  • Color — Provides an image that looks the most impressive when viewed online or printed in color, but the file size is often quite large.

  • Grayscale — Useful for pictures, scaling, or mixed text and graphics, grayscale provides a photographic quality image. However, the image file is larger than a halftone or black-and-white image file.

  • Halftone — Useful for pictures and mixed text and graphics, halftone provides a quality image that prints almost as well as a grayscale image but is one-eighth the size. However, if you scale the halftone image, you might receive distracting moire patterns. To adjust the contrast of the halftone image, drag the Halftone slider to the right (darken) or left (lighten).

  • Black-and-white — Useful primarily for text, rather than pictures.


It is best to make a backup copy of your images before you convert the color. Once you click OK, you cannot undo the color conversion and your original image will be lost.

In Image View and the separate ImageViewer color conversion can be undone.


Use this feature to make a smaller file when color is not needed.

By converting a color image to Black and white, you significantly reduce the size of the data file that is sent to a black and white printer. This saves processing time.


Convert Color