DesktopDelivery Manager

PaperPort pp professional icon DesktopDelivery Manager

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.

This dialog box serves for setting monitoring intervals and PaperPort behavior.

Access it by clicking the Desktop Delivery tool PaperPort desktop delivery DesktopDelivery Managerin the Folder group of the Tools ribbon.


The DesktopDelivery Manager dialog box displays which local or network folders are monitored and which PaperPort folders – called DesktopDelivery folders – are assigned to them.

Interval for checking the folders: Select a value from the selection box.

To change the DesktopDelivery folder settings, select a DesktopDelivery folder and click Modify. The Folder Properties dialog box lets you to make the necessary changes.

Select Run PaperPort in a window if you want to run the program when documents are retrieved, otherwise select Do not run PaperPort.  

Mark the checkbox Run DesktopDelivery and specify either to run it when PaperPort is started or when the operating system is started, to enable monitoring and file import. If you do not mark the checkbox, DesktopDelivery will not start monitoring.



DesktopDelivery Manager