Enhance Image PaperPort enhance Enhance Image

Access this in Image View or ImageViewer in SET tools or a page’s shortcut menu.


You can use the Enhance Image window to adjust brightness, contrast, color, or tint of your image:

  • The Select Best Image area shows you variations of your image.

  • The Current selection box displays the current image, the one that is selected in the center square.

  • The Original image box always shows you the original image that you selected and opened in the Image View window.

In the Enhance Image window, you can:

  • Select Brightness & contrast and then move the slider to simultaneously adjust brightness and contrast.

  • Select Color and use the slider to adjust the color. PaperPort adjusts the image and displays the best color choices.

  • Select Tint and use the slider to adjust the tint of the image.

When you see the image you like best, double-click the image or click the image then press Insert in the Select Best Image area. The image moves to the center square and becomes the current image.

Click Undo to cancel the last change you made to the image. To cancel all changes made to the image during this session, click Reset to have PaperPort to return the original image to the center square so that you can restart making changes, or click Cancel to quit the Enhance Image window with the original image unchanged.

Enhance Image