Folder Manager

Access this dialog box by clicking the Folder Manager button PaperPort folder manager Folder Manager in the Tools ribbon.


Use the Folder Manager dialog box to add a new folder to or rearrange folders in the PaperPort Folders pane.

  • To add a folder, click Add, and then, in the Browse for Folder dialog box, navigate to and select the folder you want to add to PaperPort folders. Click OK.

  • To remove a folder, select the folder you want to remove, and then click Remove.

  • To rearrange the order in which folders appear, use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to move the selected folder one position at a time.

  • To rename a folder, select the folder you want to rename, click Rename, and then type in the new folder name.


Removing or renaming do not affect folders in their original locations on your local computer.


Folder Manager