Folder Properties

Access this dialog box by clicking the Folder Properties button PaperPort folder properties Folder Properties  in the Tools ribbon.


The Folder Properties dialog box shows you the name of the selected folder and the current color assigned to that folder. It also offers DesktopDelivery folder settings.

To rename the folder, enter a new name in the upper box.

To change the current color, select a different one from the list, and click OK.

The dialog box shows you the folder location. To see the entire path, position your cursor in the path and use the right arrow key on your keyboard to scroll the display to the left.

PaperPort pp professional icon Folder Properties

DesktopDelivery Folder Settings

Select the checkbox Deliver files from your e-mail folder to monitor for incoming JPEG, MAX, PDF or TIFF file attachments. For details see Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes users under Monitored folders.

Select the checkbox Deliver files from a network or local folder to monitor for incoming JPEG, MAX, PDF or TIFF files. Click Browse to locate the folder you want DesktopDelivery to monitor and click OK. 

To convert the imported files to PDF, mark the checkbox Convert documents to PDF.

Select Automatically add keywords from Folder Notes to apply item properties (subject, author and keywords) automatically to all new PDF or MAX items that arrive from monitored folders into the DesktopDelivery folder (target folder). (Previously you must have specified item properties at folder level for  the DesktopDelivery folder.) When a new file is delivered into a target folder, these folder-level properties will be saved to the file. If the file already has item properties when arriving into the target folder, these item properties will be overwritten. 

Important: Be sure that all the item properties specified at folder level will be suitable for all files that will be directed to the target folder.


The Convert documents to PDF option should be turned on in the Folder Properties dialog box if you want to use the Automatically add keywords from Folder Notes option.


Select Add to All-in-One Search to index all incoming files from monitored folders. If not selected, the incoming documents will not be automatically added to the All-in-One index. You can later manually update the index for these items.

To view the Windows properties associated with the folder, click File Properties.



Folder Properties