Item Properties

In the Item Properties dialog box, you can view or change information about PaperPort Image and PDF files. You can specify the information as search criteria whenever you want to search for items in PaperPort. You can also generate, change or clear page titles of multi-page PDF and MAX files.

Access this dialog box by right-clicking an item on the PaperPort desktop and choosing Properties.


By using the editing feature of the Item Properties dialog box, you can:

  • Assign item properties to individual items. For details, see Assigning properties to PaperPort Image and PDF files.

  • Assign common properties to multiple items (only in Desktop View). For example, if you want to assign the same keyword to five items, simply select the five items, and then enter the common keyword in the Keywords field. For details, see Assigning common properties to multiple items.

  • Rename items and pages.

When you select a single item, the Summary tab provides the following information:

  • Item Name — Displays the name of the item.

  • Page — Shows the name of each page in a multi-page PDF file or a PaperPort Image item. If your multi-page file does not have page names, click Generate to name them as Page 1, 2 and so on. Afterwards you can change them manually by scrolling through the document. Click Clear to delete all current page names.

  • Page size — Shows current dimensions of the item; for example, 8.5 by 10 inches.

  • Subject (comments) — Shows subject or comment text currently associated and stored with the item.

  • Author — Displays the name of the user who created the item or the person currently assigned as the author.

  • Keywords — Shows words assigned to the item for search and retrieval purposes.

  • URL — (PaperPort Image items only) If the item is a captured web page, displays the URL for the page. Although this property cannot be changed, you can search on the URL and the item content if you add the item to the All-in-One index.

If your file contains text, click the View Text button to run OCR and display the result as plain text that you can copy and use. This text is not stored with the item – each time you click View Text, OCR runs again.

To display Microsoft Windows file properties for the item, click File Properties.

When you select a PDF item, the PDF tab provides information on the PDF file (e.g. date of creation and modification, file size, PDF version number, etc.)



Item Properties