Job Recurrence

PaperPort pp professional icon Job Recurrence

This dialog box serves to define recurrence parameters of new indexing tasks. To access it open the Index Manager from the Tools ribbon and create or modify an indexing job. In the Job panel click the Set Recurrence button. Specify:

  • Duration area: specify start time of each task occurrence and either specify the end time, or use the Duration drop-down list for the same purpose. Select No end time if you do not want to define any finishing time for this job.

  • Recurrence pattern: define the daily or weekly basis for the task. Select frequency from the options on the right.

  • Range of recurrence: specify the start and end points for the recurrence. Select No end date if you do not want to define any finishing date for this recurring job.

  • Click the Remove Recurrence button to dismiss your settings (only accessible upon saving some recurrence settings).


Job Recurrence