New Task and Modify

PaperPort pp professional icon New Task and Modify


Access these dialog boxes by choosing Index Manager in the Tools ribbon and clicking the appropriate button.


In the New Task dialog box you can set which folder to browse and set timing and recurrence options. In the Modify dialog box you can change your indexing task settings.

  • Folder to index: Use the Browse button to select the desired folder to be indexed. The selected folder name will be displayed. Click Folder Manager to specify the scope of indexing.

  • Click the checkbox Include subdirectories if you wish their file content to be indexed as well.

  • The option Always reindex all items means that whenever a given indexing task starts, all items will undergo indexing again, regardless of whether they have been modified or not. If this checkbox is left empty, Index Manager will only index modified or new elements in a folder whenever one whole cycle of indexing has been carried out.

  • Further refinement of the task is possible by marking the Excluding these files checkbox. In filtering, use the asterisk (*) to represent any characters of an indefinite number in a file name; or the question mark (?) to replace one uncertain or variable character. For instance, if you want to filter out all JPEG files ending in ’2004’, specify ’*2004.jpg’.

Select one of the following options:

  • Do it now: indexing starts after closing the dialog box.

  • Do it only once at this time: select the date and time when you want to start indexing.

  • Recurrence: click the Set Recurrence button to define or modify recurrence parameters. The Job Recurrence dialog box will appear.



New Task and Modify