PaperPort — Scan

To access this dialog box, have the Modify Document Name and Notes checkbox marked in the Capture Assistant and click the Done Scanning button.


Use this dialog box to enter or modify item properties when scanning is done.

Subject (comments) — Enter or modify subject or comment text to be associated and stored with the item.

Author — Enter or modify the name of the person who created the item.

Keywords — Enter or modify the words assigned to the item for search and retrieval purposes.

Document name — Displays the name of an item. Document names will be offered by the program according to the selected naming method on the Item panel of the PaperPort Options dialog box.

Apply to All — In PaperPort Professional, use this button to apply the entered / modified properties to all items scanned within the current scanning session. If you click Apply to All after the automatically offered item name has been modified,  then all the documents within a scanning session will have the modified item name, an underscore and a 4-digit serial number. For example, if you change the existing item name to ‘Photo’, then the  documents will be numbered as follows: Photo_0002, Photo_0003, etc. The naming method specified on the Item panel of the PaperPort Options dialog box will not have an affect in this case.

Done — Use this to finish entering or modifying item properties, and close the dialog box.


PaperPort Scan dialog box