PDF Security

PaperPort pp professional icon PDF Security

Choose a PDF file on the PaperPort Desktop and click the Apply button PaperPort pdfsecurity PDF Security in the PDF Security group on the Item ribbon to access this.


In the PDF Security dialog box, you can set PDF security settings. Select a PDF file in Desktop View, use the shortcut menu or the Item ribbon to display this dialog box to specify security settings for the selected file.

Click Ask for password before opening the document if you want to restrict opening a PDF file, then enter the password in the text box. The password can contain up to 255 characters.

Click Use a permissions password to restrict printing and editing of the document and specify other security settings.

The following security settings, except for the last one, can only be selected if the permissions password checkbox is already selected.
Printing allowed

You have the following choices:

  • None prevents the document from being printed.
  • Low resolution (150 dpi) allows the document to be printed at maximum 150 dpi.

  • High resolution lets the document be printed at any resolution. The limitations are only the document’s original resolution and the printer capability. 

Changes allowed

You have the following choices:

  • None prevents any kind of changes.
  • Inserting, rotating and deleting pages lets the user insert, rotate and delete pages. Stacking and unstacking pages is possible.

  • Filling in form fields and signing gives the user the right to fill in form fields and use digital signatures, in programs that support these features.

  • Commenting, filling in form fields and signing allows the user to add annotations, fill in form fields and use digital signatures, although PaperPort does not support filling in form fields and adding digital signatures.

  • Any except extracting pages lets the user make all changes mentioned above under Changes allowed, except delete pages. Stacking and unstacking pages in PaperPort is possible.

Enable copying text, images and other content lets the user copy the PDF file contents.

Enable text access for screen reader devices lets the visually impaired read PDF files with screen readers. Copying and extracting file contents is not allowed.

Click Use these settings as default if you want to make the above settings valid for any newly created PDF files in the future, provided that their source file is not a PDF file. Such cases are for example duplicating as PDF, scanning to PDF, saving as PDF.


If the source file itself is a PDF file (e.g. unstacking a PDF), the security settings of the new PDF file will be inherited from its source file.


PDF Security