Settings – Photograph

Access this from the Scan pane by selecting the Color Photograph profile and clicking Settings.


In the Settings – Photograph dialog box, you can specify the naming convention and file type for photographs that you download from a digital camera to the PaperPort desktop.

The Camera tab identifies the name assigned to the settings and provides helpful hints on downloading photos to PaperPort.

In the Output tab:

  • In the Enter name box, enter text you want to use to name the downloaded photos or choose from several different date formats.

PaperPort uses a numbering scheme to ensure that items have unique names. The Suffix label tells you the default numbering scheme in effect. (The numbering scheme is set in the Items tab under Options on the Tools menu.) PaperPort will consecutively number each new item according to the default numbering scheme; for example, Photo (2), Photo (3), and so on, when the suffix is ( n).

  • In the File type box, select the file type for your digital images: JPEG (.jpg), PaperPort Image (.max), PDF Image (.pdf), PDF Searchable Image (.pdf), TIFF (.tif), or Windows Bitmap (.bmp).

For JPEG and PDF files, you can click Options to further adjust image quality.


To adjust the image quality for PaperPort Image (.max) files, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Advanced tab.

To set the default numbering scheme, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Items tab.


Photograph settings