In Image View click the resize button PaperPort resize Resize (Image Viewer) in the Page ribbon.


Use the Resize dialog box to change the current image size, or physical dimensions, in addition to the current resolution, measured in pixels per inch.

To change the size, select Change Page Size, select the desired unit of measure, and then:

  • In the Width box, enter the desired width in the specified unit of measure. In the Units box, the default unit is inches, but you can select pixels or centimeters from the list. The Height box value changes to keep the width and height proportional.

    — or —

  • In the Height box, enter the desired height, according to the specified unit of measure. The Width box value changes to keep the width and height proportional.

    — or —

  • In the Scale box, specify the percentage to increase or decrease the item, based on the original size. The Scale value is also proportional in relation to the width and height.

To change the resolution, select Change Resolution, and then enter the number of pixels per inch or per centimeter, according to the specified unit of measure.

Note that changing the pixel dimensions of an image item can result in a loss of quality and sharpness. We recommend reducing the size and quality of a copy of the original image item, so a high-quality original remains.


For images you plan to use on a web site, set the width and height unit as pixels rather than inches for best results. For artwork that you plan to print, use inches or centimeters.

High resolution settings create larger files that occupy more disk space on your computer. For images you will send to an inkjet printer, a resolution setting of 150 pixels per inch or dpi is usually adequate.

For images you want to display only on a computer screen, a resolution setting of 96 produces a smaller file with a resolution that is adequate for screen display.

To obtain best results when printing items, set the resolution to 300 dpi for high-quality photograph printers, to 150-200 dpi for inkjet printers, or to 300 dpi or more for high-resolution printers.


Resize (Image Viewer)