Select an image item and click Resize PaperPort resize Resize (PaperPort desktop) in the SET tools group in the Item ribbon to access this dialog box.


After you scan an image item or acquire a digital image, it might be necessary to change the image’s original resolution measured in dots per inch ( dpi).

For example, assume you scanned a photograph at a high resolution, such as 300 dpi, because you wanted to print the photo on a high-quality image printer. Now, however, you want to share the photo over the Internet and display it on a web page.

In this case, you can reduce the resolution from 300 dpi to 96 dpi — a better resolution for sending as an e-mail attachment and for displaying on a web site.

Use the Resize dialog box to change the current size, or physical dimensions, in addition to the current resolution.

  • Select Change Page Size and then, in the Scale box, enter the percentage to increase or decrease the item, based on the original size.

  • Select Change Resolution, and then enter the number of pixels per inch or per centimeter, and the unit of measure. The default unit is pixels/inch.


High resolution settings create larger files that occupy more disk space on your computer. For images you will send to an inkjet printer, a resolution setting of 150 pixels per inch or dpi is usually adequate. For images you want to display only on a computer screen, a resolution setting of 96 produces a smaller file with a resolution that is adequate for screen display.


If you want to keep a high-resolution image for future use, duplicate the item before lowering its resolution. The program may request your confirmation to resize the item.


Resize (PaperPort desktop)