Save As

Use the Save As dialog box to save an image item with a different folder, file name, or file type — or to change the image quality of a JPEG or PDF file.

You can also use Save As to save multiple image items with the same or different criteria.

When saving a single item

In the Save As dialog box for a single item:

  • Save in — Identifies the folder in which you want to save the item. Select the folder so that the folder name appears in the Save in box.

  • File name — Specifies the name of the item. You can keep the same name or enter a new one.
    When you enter a new name, PaperPort creates a new copy of the item without affecting the original.

  • Save as type — Identifies the file type in which to save the item.

  • Options — For JPEG and PDF files, displays the Image Quality dialog box in which you can change the level of compression for your image item. The higher the number, the lower the compression and the better the image quality.

  • Color — Specifies color depth.

  • Resolution — Specifies image resolution in dpi.

When saving multiple items

When more than one item is selected on the PaperPort desktop, use Save As to change one or more attributes of the selected items at the same time. This feature is useful to convert multiple items to the same type or to implement a naming convention for multiple items. For details, see Save As (multiple items).


Save As (single item)