SET Enhancement dialog box

This dialog box appears if you try to use the SET tools in Image View on a Normal PDF file. As the SET tools are designed for image enhancement, and Normal PDF is not an image file, PaperPort will convert Normal PDF either to PDF Image or PDF Searchable Image.


By default PDF files open in PDF Viewer Plus, where SET-type tools and PDF editing tools are available. You are advised to open the file in the PDF viewer and modify it there. If you however continue, use the SET Enhancements dialog box to define the type of a PDF conversion  ( PDF Image or PDF Searchable Image) and the conversion settings (color and resolution).

Color – Select from Color, Grayscale and Black-and-white.

Resolution – Select a value expressed in dpi.

Create Searchable PDF Image – Select this if a Normal PDF should be converted into a Searchable PDF Image. If this option is turned off, a Normal PDF will be converted into a PDF Image.

Make a copy – Select this to retain your original PDF file and work with a copy.

Do not display this message again – If this option is turned on, the last used settings will be used the next time you attempt image enhancement on a Normal PDF.


Click on the PaperPort button, choose PaperPort options SET Enhancement dialog box Options, click the General tab to display the SET Enhancement dialog box, and turn on the Show SET Enhancement dialog option.


SET Enhancement dialog box