Web Publisher Options: File Info tab

Use the File Info tab to select the folder where the new web pages are saved, specify the file name extension, and choose whether to create a new page or append the page to an existing page.

In the Web Page Folder area:

  • Local directory — Shows the name of the folder in which you want to store HTML files created with Web Publisher. To browse to the folder, click the button next to the box and navigate to the folder you want.

In the Host Web Page area:

  • Create new page — Creates a new page in a separate file rather than appending the new page to an existing web page.

  • Append to box — Appends the new page to an existing host web page. Specify the name of the existing page in the text box.

In the File Name Options area:

  • HTML extension — Enter a different file name extension, such as .html or . shtml as necessary. Some operating systems require .html rather than the three-character .htm file name extension.

  • Use short file names — Saves the HTML files with file names that are no longer than eight characters plus a three-character extension, such as Page1.htm. Clear this check box to use the item name on the PaperPort desktop.


File Info