Web Page Captions

The Web Capture program is not installed with PaperPort but it is supplied as a stand-alone program in the program folder called PPwebcapture.exe. If you run this program, it can be used to capture web pages on Windows XP systems and import them into PaperPort. A separate help file is provided alongside this utility.


The panel described here is available if the Web Capture utility is run.


Use the Web Page Captions dialog box to enter a page title, an image caption, and any descriptive information about the image.

  • In the Page title box, enter a title for your web page. The title should describe the entire page.

  • In the Comments box, enter any information you want to save about the image, such as the date it was created and the subject. The comment text will appear below a full-view image.

Click Next to display the next dialog box. Then, in Image caption box, enter a caption that will appear above a full-view image or below a thumbnail image.

Page Captions