Web Publisher Options: Page Format tab

Use the Page Format tab to select the page’s style, insert a background image, or select the option for creating captions.

In the Page Style area, select an option to determine how the web page looks.

  • Index Sheet — Creates a text link on the web page for each item. In the web page, you simply click each link to display the item.

  • Thumbnail Page — Inserts a thumbnail link for each item. When you send a multi-page item to Web Publisher, a thumbnail for each item will appear on the web page. You can click a thumbnail to display the full view of the item. In Thumbnails per row, enter the number of thumbnails to appear in each row.

  • Album Page — Inserts the actual item in the web page instead of creating a link to the item.

In the Background area:

  • In the file name box, you can choose a JPEG or GIF image to be used as background for any new HTML file that you create with Web Publisher.

    The list shows you the JPEG files available in the Background folder. Select None if you do not want to use a background file.

  • Add to Folder — Click this button and then select the JPEG or GIF file you want to add to the Background folder.


Select Prompt for captions if you want Web Publisher to prompt you for a page title, image caption, or comment text for your web pages and images.


Page Format