About saving image items

Using the Save As and Duplicate features, you can convert items to different file formats that other programs may need.

For example, you can use Save As to convert a JPEG item to a Windows Bitmap (.bmp) file for the Windows Paint program — or use Duplicate as PaperPort Image to convert a Word (.doc) file to a PaperPort Image (.max) item.

Both Save As and Duplicate create a new version of the file, without affecting the original.

You can save items to these file formats:

  • Graphic Interchange Format (.gif)

  • JPEG (.jpg)

  • PaperPort Image (.max)

  • PC Paintbrush (.pcx)

  • PCX Multi-page (.dcx)

  • Portable Document Format (.pdf) Image-only or Searchable.

  • PDF Image (.pdf)

  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)

  • Tagged Image File Format (.tif)

  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)

In PaperPort Professional, you can save images also in PDF-MRC Image (*.pdf) and PDF-MRC Searchable Image (.pdf)


Be aware that when you save and convert an image item to a different format, the new format might not support all the characteristics of the source item.

For example, when you save a color PaperPort Image (.max) file as a TIFF Group 4 file, the item changes to a black-and-white image — or, when you save a .max file with text annotations as a PDF file, the PDF annotations might have different font, color, and point size attributes.



About saving image items