Converting image items to different formats

You can convert single image items to a different file type, or format — or, you can convert multiple items to the same format at the same time.

To convert an image item

  1. Select the image item on the PaperPort desktop.

    — or —

    View the image item in the Image View window.

  2. Click on the PaperPort button and choose PaperPort save as Converting image items to different formats Save As

    — or —

    On the PaperPort desktop, choose
    Save As from the shortcut menu.

  3. In the Save As dialog box:

  • In the Save in box, specify the folder in which you want to save the item.

  • (Optional) In the File name box, specify a new file name if you want PaperPort to create a new copy of the item without affecting the original item.

  • In the Save as type box, select the format in which to convert and save the item.

  • (Optional) If applicable to the file format, click Options and choose the image quality from good, better or best. The higher the number, the lower the compression and the better the image quality.

  • Choose a color conversion mode in the Color selection box and/or choose the desired dot per inch value in the Resolution selection box.

  1. Click the Save button.

You can convert also multiple page items at one time. Select the image items on the PaperPort desktop before opening the Save As dialog box. Select Display Save As dialog box for each item to change only the attributes you want for each item.


Converting image items to different formats