About sending items to other programs

The Send To bar is one of PaperPort’s most powerful and useful features. It enables you to perform a variety of functions quickly and easily, such as converting a scanned document to an editable text file simply by dragging the document to an icon on the Send To bar.

For example, because text on a scanned page is simply a picture of the text, you cannot edit the text as you can in a word processing document. You can, however, drag a scanned page to a supported word processing icon, such as Microsoft Word, on the Send To bar.

PaperPort software will convert the scanned image to text before sending the item to Word. PaperPort performs this conversion by using the optical character recognition (OCR) software provided with PaperPort.

After PaperPort converts the image into text and sends the file to Word, you can edit the file in your Word program.

PaperPort supports a wide variety of programs including word processing, spreadsheet, fax, Internet e-mail, graphics, OCR, and online services programs.

Icons on the Send To bar — and on the Send To list of the PaperPort button — identify the programs to which you can send your items without leaving the PaperPort program. These program icons are commonly referred to as “links.” A program link may provide options about sending the item and does any necessary conversion.


Certain program links can accept multiple items. Others accept only specific types of items. The actual operation depends upon the file type and the program itself. For example, you can select multiple items and then drag them as a group to the Recycle Bin to delete all of the items — or drag individual PDF files to the Microsoft Word icon to create a multi-page text item.

If a program link is unable to accept multiple items, PaperPort displays a notification message that prompts you to send each item separately.

If a program link is unable to accept the type of item you send, PaperPort displays a notification message to alert you.

You can use PaperPort’s Send To bar to start programs without leaving the PaperPort program: on the Send To bar, click the icon for the program you want to start.



About sending items to other programs