About sharing items with others

PaperPort provides many tools to make it easy for you to share files, images, and documents with friends, colleagues, business associates.

These tools are built-in to the program and are readily available on toolbars, menus, and command bars for quick access whenever you need them.

To help you share your items with others, PaperPort makes it easy to:

  • E-mail items to others, by dragging the items to your favorite e-mail program on the PaperPort Send To bar.

  • Scan or convert items to the PDF format, the ever-popular file-sharing format considered by many as the industry standard for document distribution.

  • Access shared folders on your local or wide area network, by adding the folders to your PaperPort Folder pane.

In addition, you can convert items to popular output formats for shared use in numerous other programs, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Photoshop. To obtain a list of all supported program links, visit PaperPort at the Nuance web site at www.nuance.com.



About sharing items with others