About sending items as e-mail attachments

PaperPort works with many popular e-mail programs, such as Microsoft Outlook.

To e-mail an item as an attachment, drag and drop the item to your e-mail program on the Send To bar. The e-mail program starts, and PaperPort attaches the item to the new e-mail message.

The e-mail recipient receives the message and can open the attachment to view the item you sent.

Viewing e-mail attachments

It is good practice to use an industry-standard or popular file format, such as JPEG or PDF, when sending e-mail attachments.

JPEG is a popular format for photos and single page items. Documents and multi-page items can be sent as PDF or TIFF files.

Although many e-mail programs provide the option to display HTML content within the body of e-mail messages, some recipients must launch their web browser to view an HTML attachment.



About sending items as e-mail attachments