To attach an item to an e-mail message

  1. On the PaperPort desktop, select the item you want to send.

  2. Drag the item to your e-mail program on the Send To bar.

    — or —
    Click on the PaperPort button and choose PaperPort send in mail Attaching an item to an e mail messageSend…

  3. If this is the first time you send an e-mail from PaperPort, the Send To Options dialog box appears. Specify any options you want, such as the format in which to send your items, and then click OK.

    The e-mail program starts, and PaperPort attaches the item to the new e-mail message. You can now address and send the e-mail message.

    Note that depending on which e-mail program you use, the steps for sending a message may vary slightly.


JPEG and PDF are popular formats in which to send image items.

To change the Send To Options for your e-mail program at any time, right-click the program icon in the Send To bar, and click Send To Options.



Attaching an item to an e-mail message