To send an item using a web-based e-mail program

Although web-based e-mail programs, such as Yahoo Mail, are not available as linked programs for the Send To bar, you can still use the e-mail program to send PaperPort items as e-mail attachments. To do so:

  1. On the PaperPort desktop, right-click the item, and click Save As.

  2. Save the item in the format that is appropriate for your e-mail recipient.

    For example, if you are sending a photo, you might want to save the item in the popular JPEG (.jpg) format.

  3. Open your web-based e-mail program, and follow the procedures for attaching a file to an e-mail message. (The steps vary with each different e-mail program.)

  4. Browse to the folder that contains your item, such as My PaperPort Documents, and select the item as your e-mail attachment.

    You can then send the item like any e-mail attachment.


Using a web-based e-mail program