Troubleshooting for OCR

The OCR process is slow on rotated documents

If the OCR process seems to take a long amount of time, make sure each page of the document is upright.

You can also turn off Auto Orientation in the Send To Options for the OCR program, so that the process does not spend time trying to determine the orientation of the text.

Note that the OCR progress may be slow on very complex pages.

OCR results are not as expected

When the OCR process converts scanned documents to text, the results might not be as expected. OCR accuracy may depend, among others, on the language of the source document. Therefore, set the OCR language to correspond to an occasional source document language, and then remember to restore default OCR language settings used for the majority of the documents to be processed.

PaperPort OCR handles most documents well. However, to fully capture complex documents, such as those with pictures and spreadsheet tables, you may need a separate OCR program where you can control the OCR process more precisely.

To gain the benefits of full OCR capabilities, we suggest using a robust OCR program, such as Nuance OmniPage. See Using OmniPage with PaperPort.


Converting scanned items to text (OCR)