Troubleshooting for images

Garbled text and symbols appear in a word processing document

When you drag an image to a word or text processing program on the Send To bar, garbled text or character symbols appear in the document instead of the actual image.

This is because the PaperPort OCR program converts text in the image to actual text in the document. Thus, if you drag an item with photos, the OCR program might interpret parts of the photo as text, due to shading and shapes of objects within the image.

You can correct the text with your word processor.

You can also crop pictures out of an image before you send the image to your word processing program.


If you want to insert the actual image, open the document in its source program, and then use the source program’s Insert File command. You can also use Copy and Paste to copy an image and then paste it into a Word or Excel document.

Be sure to scan items at a resolution recommended for the OCR process.

If PaperPort exists on a computer with OmniPage, its OCR services become available and amplify the power of PaperPort. For a detailed list of OCR features in OmniPage, see

Image quality is poor

Images on your computer look best when the screen resolution of your computer monitor is set to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher and to as many colors as possible; for example, High Color (16-bit) or TrueColor (24- or 32-bit).

If you are unsure how to change these settings, refer to Windows Help for details.

To improve the quality of a printed image, remember to scan the image at a high resolution.

When scanning in a document that you will run through the OCR process, use a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.