Troubleshooting PaperPort does not start correctly

On rare occasions PaperPort may not start properly, it might crash or hang (get into a loop) after some but not all of the thumbnails having been displayed in Desktop view. A new utility has been created to help you identify and remove items in your PaperPort folder structure whose access can make the application unstable.

To check PaperPort folders

Identify problematic items by following the steps below:

  • Navigate to the PaperPort installation directory (typically “C:\Program Files\Nuance\PaperPort”), locate the CheckPPFolders.exe program and launch it (double-click).
  • Select the Search my PaperPort folders for problem files that can be responsible for hangs or crashes option and click OK. This opens the PaperPort Folder Content Analyzer dialog box.


Alternatively, select Remove PaperPort meta-data files from my PaperPort folders to clean files from unnecessary and possibly sensitive information.

  • Choose the Show only processing failures option to include only problematic items in the processing log. Click Start to start the analysis. You can suspend or abort the process at any time by clicking Stop. Click the Save Log button to export processing log content into an XML document for offline analysis.

To remove problematic files

  • Check the processing log (Status Report window) for recommended and/or necessary actions to take for files found to be likely to cause PaperPort crashes or hangs.

  • Click the Collect Files button to open the Collect Files dialog box. It displays the list of crashed or hung files. Click Collect to move listed files to a specified destination folder, preferably outside of your PaperPort Desktop folder structure, where a summary document is also created.

This utility program has a short help file to be found at the same location.



PaperPort does not start correctly