Troubleshooting for printing items

Annotations and images do not print properly

If annotations and images do not print properly, save an item as a different file type and print the item from a different program to determine if the problem is with the item or with your printer.

For example, save a PaperPort Image (.max) file as a JPEG file, and then open and print it from the Windows Paint program. If the item still does not print properly, check your printer settings, in addition to the printer’s ink cartridge.

Be sure to refer to your printer documentation for help on how to resolve print quality issues.

Cannot create print device context” message appears

If this error occurs when you drop an image on a fax program in the Send To bar, there may be a problem with your fax program software.

Follow these steps to test and resolve the problem:

  • Drag a different file to the fax program.

  • Check the fax print driver: Create a text file with the Notepad or WordPad program, and print the file to the fax program.

  • Reinstall your fax program software.

iles are not the correct size when printed to the PaperPort desktop

To try to resolve this issue:

  1. In the source program, make sure the document page is the size you want.

    For example, in Word, check the Page Setup option to make sure the proper size is selected.

  2. Make sure the PaperPort print driver sets the paper size to the size you want.

    To do so, display Control Panel, and click Printers. Right-click the PaperPort printer icon, and on the shortcut menu, click Printing Preferences and check the Paper Size settings.

On Windows XP, PaperPort printer is not available for all users

When you install PaperPort on Windows XP, you can choose to install the program for all users of your computer or only for yourself.

Although you install PaperPort only for yourself, other users on your machine will be able to see PaperPort as a valid printer. This means other users might try to use the PaperPort printer even though the program is not set up for them.

To resolve this issue, install PaperPort for anyone who uses your computer and also needs to use PaperPort. Printing works only for users for whom PaperPort is installed.


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