Troubleshooting for scanning

Unable to scan after upgrading Windows operating system

If you upgrade your Windows operating system and are unable to scan items to PaperPort, you may need to reinstall the software driver for your scanner.

  1. Go to your scanner manufacturer’s web site and download and install the most recent drivers for your scanner and version of Windows.

  2. Confirm that you can scan an item by using the scanner’s software program or other program that enables you to acquire items.

If the problem still persists, refer to the Knowledge Base at the Nuance Product Support web site for the latest information and additional instructions on resolving this issue.

Scanner model is not listed in the Scan pane

Some scanner models will not be listed in the Scan pane.

If you have one of these models, insert the paper you want to scan into the scanner. The scanner should start automatically, and you will be able to scan your item to the PaperPort desktop.

For a list of scanners and devices supported by PaperPort, refer to the Hardware Compatibility List at the Nuance web site at

Unable to scan multiple pages as a multi-page item

Depending upon the type of scanner you are using, you may not be able to scan multiple pages to the PaperPort desktop as a single multi-page item.

If each scanned page is added to PaperPort as a single-page item, you can drag and drop your single-page items onto each other to create the multi-page item.

You can also choose PaperPort stack Scanning items Combine Items on the Item ribbon.

You can combine all flavors of PDF and image files into one PDF.

Text is cut off

The page you scanned is blank along one or more edges and text is cut off.

Check and adjust erase edge settings:

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select the desired profile.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. In the Settings – Scanning Profile dialog box, click the SET tab.

  4. Click Erase Edge Settings, then modify the values according to your needs.

  5. Click OK in both dialog boxes.

Also check that the page size setting is correct.



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