Troubleshooting for Send To bar programs

An e-mail program is not available on the Send To bar

Certain e-mail programs are not available on the Send To bar because they are provided by web-based programs and web services. For example, online e-mail services that are not installed on your computer and reside instead on a web server are not available for use on the Send To bar.

You can, however, still use web-based e-mail programs to send items as e-mail attachments. To do so:

  1. Start your e-mail program, and follow the steps to attach a file to an e-mail message. (The steps vary with each e-mail program.)

  2. Browse to the PaperPort folder that contains your item, and select the item as your e-mail attachment. You can then send the item like any e-mail attachment.

The program you want to use is not on the Send To bar

If you find that the icon for a program you have on your computer is not on the Send To bar, try the following to resolve the problem:

  • Visit PaperPort at the Nuance web site at On the PaperPort Links web page, you can obtain a list of all supported program links and download support for numerous popular software programs.

  • On the Tools ribbon, choose PaperPort refresh sendto bar Send To bar programs Refresh Send To Bar. This instructs PaperPort to check for new programs on your computer and to update the Send To bar accordingly.

  • On the Tools ribbon, choose PaperPort new link Send To bar programs New Link and follow the steps in the wizard to add the program to the Send To bar.

The Refresh Send To Bar and New Program Link commands are also available by right-clicking the Send To bar and pointing to Send To Bar

A program on the Send To bar does not start

If you drag and drop an item to a program on the Send To bar and the program does not start, check to see if the program is already open.

If the program is open, close the program, and then try to drag the item to the program on the Send To bar again. The program should start normally.


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