Troubleshooting for word processing

Spreadsheet data is misplaced when sending items to Microsoft Excel

When you send an item to Microsoft Excel, data might not appear in the correct rows and columns in a spreadsheet.

If this happens, you can resolve the issue by changing the Send To options for the Microsoft Excel program. Follow these steps:

  1. On the Send To bar, right-click the Microsoft Excel icon, and then click Send To Options.

    — or —
    On the Tools ribbon, choose PaperPort sendto options Word processing Send To Options, and then click the Microsoft Excel icon in the list.

  2. In the Send To Options dialog box, click Settings.

  3. Select Auto orient page if you are using the PaperPort OCR program. This setting rotates pages in the spreadsheet document so that text is upright, enabling the OCR process to properly convert text from the spreadsheet data.

  4. Clear the Single column output check box to specify multiple columns as the document layout.

  5. Click OK.

Unable to insert a photo in a word processing document

When you drag an image, such as a JPEG file, to a word or text processing program on the Send To bar, the image is not inserted into the word document.

This is because the PaperPort OCR program converts text in the image to actual text in the document.

To insert a photo into a word processing document, such as a Word or Excel document, open the document in its source program, and then use the source program’s Insert File command to insert the PaperPort Image item.

You can also use Copy and Paste to copy the photo and then paste it into a Word or Excel document.

Word processing program halts when importing a large item

Some word processing programs can halt when you try to import a large item into them.

To resolve this issue:

  • Be sure pages were not scanned at a too high resolution; 300 dpi, black-and-white images are adequate for documents.

  • Unstack multi-page items and drag one page at a time to the word processor program on the Send To bar. Using the Cut and Paste features of your word processor program, you can then combine the contents of each of the pages into one document.

n embedded PaperPort Image item does not appear in a Word document

Using the OLE feature, you can insert a PaperPort Image (.max) file in another program file, such as a Word document, as an embedded link.

If the PaperPort Image item does not appear when you click on the embedded link, the item may be too large. Crop the item in PaperPort to reduce the size of the item, and reinsert the item as an embedded link.



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