ScanDirect Options: Advanced Settings

Start ScanDirect from the Windows Start menu and click its icon PaperPort scandir ScanDirect Options: Advanced Settings on the left of its title bar to access these options.


Use the Advanced Settings dialog box to view the image type and resolution for a predefined scan setting or to customize the scan settings:

  • Image Type — Select either:
    • Black & White (1 bit) to scan letters and articles.

    • GrayScale (8 bit) to scan black-and-white photographs, magazines articles that have grayscale pictures, or anything that is not a color photograph.

    • Color (24 bit) for scanning color photographs, magazine articles with colors, color brochures, and so on.

  • Resolution (dpi) — Select a resolution from those listed. The higher the dpi is set, the greater the image resolution. However, as resolution increases, so does file size and the length of time to scan an item.

  • Gamma — Gamma correction allows you to achieve precise color matching. The default Gamma setting works fine in most cases and normally does not need to be adjusted. However, because the computer cannot always transmit the exact color information to the hardware, you might want to make some color adjustments by using the Gamma feature. Move the slider to improve how colors in a scanned image look on your monitor.

  • Descreen — Select this option to remove an odd pattern or large dots on an image. When scanning magazine pages, newspaper articles, and other printed images and illustrations, the scanned image may have an odd pattern or large dots. In this case, you can turn on the Descreen option and rescan the item. While the scanning may be slower, the scanned image is usually cleaner.


This tab is displayed only for certain types of scanners, and may not be needed for your configuration.

ScanDirect Options: Advanced Settings