To set ScanDirect options

Start ScanDirect from the Windows Start menu and click its icon PaperPort scandir Setting ScanDirect options on the left of its title bar to access these options.

ScanDirect Options determine how the ScanDirect panel works and looks. For example, you can show or hide the title bar or display small icons instead of the larger ones.

To change ScanDirect options:

  1. In the top-left corner of the title bar, click the ScanDirect icon — or if the title bar is hidden, point to a blank area in the panel and click the right mouse button.

  2. On the ScanDirect menu, click Options.

  3. In the Toolbar tab, set one or more of the following options:

  • Start minimized — Minimize the ScanDirect panel when ScanDirect starts.

  • Show title bar— Display the title bar in the ScanDirect panel. The title bar provides information about selected icons in the Send To bar.

  • Always on Top — Always display the ScanDirect panel on top of other programs that are open in Windows. 

  • Auto hide — Hide the panel at one edge of the Windows desktop.

    After you turn on this option, drag the panel to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the screen. When you click elsewhere on the screen or switch to another program, the panel will disappear from the screen. To show the panel, point to the screen edge where you hide the panel, and then click the panel to bring it to the front.

  • Small icons — Display small icons rather than large icons in the ScanDirect panel.

  • Show tooltips — Display tips that identify items in the ScanDirect panel.

  • Send To Options — Click this button to display the Send To Options dialog box.

  1. In the Scanner tab, specify the source device. To select your source scanner, click Select Scanner. The Scanner Setup Wizard starts enabling you to select the device. If you have several scanners installed, you can also select the default one.

  2. Click OK.


Setting ScanDirect options