How to scan

  1. Start ScanDirect to display the ScanDirect panel.

  2. Click the PaperPort desktop How to scan PaperPort Desktop button in the ScanDirect panel to send the page to PaperPort.

    — or —

    To send the page to a linked program, click the icon for that program on the ScanDirect Send To bar.

  3. Click the PaperPort scan scandir How to scan Scan icon.

    ScanDirect connects to your scanner.

    Please note that some sheetfed scanners and ones equipped with ADF are capable of starting on page insertion.

  4. Scan the item as you usually do. ScanDirect sends the page to the selected destination.

    If you selected PaperPort desktop How to scan, PaperPort starts and displays the item on the PaperPort desktop. If you selected a linked program, the selected program starts and displays the item.


How to scan