Starting and displaying ScanDirect PaperPort scandir Starting and displaying ScanDirect

ScanDirectTM is a PaperPort program that enables you scan items and send them directly to PaperPort, or send them to other programs on your computer without first running PaperPort.

Using ScanDirect, you can scan an item and immediately send the item to either:

  • A program on the ScanDirect Send To bar — Icons on the ScanDirect Send To bar represent the programs that are linked to PaperPort and to ScanDirect. To scan and then send an item to a certain program, click the program icon, and then scan the item. ScanDirect will automatically start that program when the scan is complete.

  • To the SharePoint Link — See details for scanning to the SharePoint Link.

  • The PaperPort desktop — Click the PaperPort desktop Starting and displaying ScanDirect PaperPort Desktop button to scan and then work with the item in PaperPort, and then scan the item. When the scan is complete, PaperPort starts and displays the item in PaperPort. You can then use all of PaperPort’s features on the item.

To start ScanDirect and display the ScanDirect panel

On the Windows Start menu, point to (All) Programs, point to Nuance PaperPort, and then click ScanDirect.

ScanDirect starts and displays the ScanDirect panel:

 PaperPort scandir panel Starting and displaying ScanDirect


You can minimize the ScanDirect panel. The ScanDirect icon will appear in the Windows taskbar to indicate ScanDirect is running as a background task.


To display the ScanDirect menu

You can use the ScanDirect menu to change ScanDirect options, minimize the ScanDirect panel, and exit the ScanDirect program.

To display the ScanDirect menu, in the ScanDirect panel:

  • Click the ScanDirect icon in the top-left corner of the title bar.

    — or —

  • Point to the title bar and click the right mouse button.


If the title bar is hidden, point to the ScanDirect panel background and click the right mouse button.



Starting and displaying ScanDirect