Working with ScanDirect

To view icons on the ScanDirect Send To bar

In the ScanDirect panel, click the arrows at each end of the ScanDirect Send To bar to scroll the icons to the left or to the right.

To continuously scroll the ScanDirect Send To bar, hold down the mouse button over an arrow. The bar scrolls until you release the mouse button or until you reach the end of the bar.


You can resize the ScanDirect panel and move it around on your screen. To resize the panel, drag the left or right edge of the panel.


To rearrange icons on the ScanDirect Send To bar

You can rearrange the icons on the ScanDirect Send To bar so that the programs you use most frequently appear first. To rearrange the icons:

  1. Place the pointer over the icon you want to move. 

  2. Press and hold the Alt key, and then press the mouse button. A small rectangle appears. 

  3. Drag the icon to the new position on the ScanDirect Send To bar.


Rearranging icons in ScanDirect does not affect icon arrangement in the PaperPort Send To bar.

To run ScanDirect while using other programs

You can minimize the ScanDirect panel to keep ScanDirect running while you are using other programs. Follow these steps:

  1. In the top-left corner of the ScanDirect title bar, click the ScanDirect icon — or point to the title bar or a gray area and click the right mouse button.

  2. On the ScanDirect menu, click Minimize.

    To indicate that ScanDirect is running, the ScanDirect icon appears in the tool tray of the Windows taskbar. It retains the setting of the last program you selected in the Send To bar.


To display the panel at any time, click the ScanDirect icon in the tool tray of the Windows taskbar or right-click the icon and choose Restore.


Settings for ScanDirect

When ScanDirect is used to scan to other programs it always works through the scanner’s own user interface; the scan profiles in PaperPort are not used.

When ScanDirect is used to scan items to the PaperPort desktop, the output is determined by the output setting for the previous scan: if it created an image item, the current scan will also do this, and if it created a text-type document (such as DOC, XLS, WPD, TXT or CSV) the current scan will create a PDF Image, which you can make searchable, as  described in Making PDF files searchable.

To exit ScanDirect

In the ScanDirect panel:

  • Click the close button at the top right of the title bar.

— or —

  • Click the program icon at the top left of the title bar, and then, on the ScanDirect menu, click Exit.


If the ScanDirect panel is minimized, right-click the ScanDirect icon in the tool tray of the Windows taskbar, and then click Exit.



Working with ScanDirect