Setting up the SharePoint Link

PaperPort pp professional icon Setting up the SharePoint Link

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.


Microsoft SharePoint is a document management system that allows teams to store, access, and edit document sets. PaperPort Professional 12 introduces support for SharePoint, if it is correctly installed on your computer.

To set up SharePoint:

  1. Right-click the SharePoint icon PaperPort sharepoint sendto Setting up the SharePoint Link on the Send To Bar and choose Send To Options.

  2. Provide the URL of the SharePoint server. It is easiest to copy and paste it from a network browser.

  3. Enter your user name and password. Select Save Login Information to avoid repeating these steps for each access. In case of doubt on the above items, ask you network administrator for assistance.

  4. Click Test to ensure that the connection is in order.

To add other SharePoint sites later, enter their URLs in the combo box and click OK.

Setting up the SharePoint Link