Using the SharePoint Link

PaperPort pp professional icon Using the SharePoint Link

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.


To acquire items from SharePoint:

  1. Right-click on the SharePoint icon PaperPort sharepoint sendto Using the SharePoint Link in the Send To bar and choose Get Files.

  2. Provide access credentials if required.

  3. Click the Folders button to make a new sub-folder.

  4. Navigate to the required location and choose files.

  5. Choose to have copies or originals placed on the PaperPort desktop. In the latter case, the files are removed from SharePoint. Choose also whether or not to check the files out for editing. Both these choices may be subject to having the necessary SharePoint authorizations.

To send a file to SharePoint:

  1. Select the item and drag it to the SharePoint icon PaperPort sharepoint sendto Using the SharePoint Link in the Send To bar.

  2. Choose a Document Library and the desired folder location.

  3. To make a new sub-folder, select the folder that should contain it, click the Folders button and provide a name.

  4. Confirm the existing file name or change it.

  5. Click OK to save the file. If SharePoint settings allow this, the file is checked in. If not, you may have to access SharePoint to perform the check-in.

Items can also be sent by choosing  Send To PaperPort sendto Using the SharePoint Link and then SharePoint in the PaperPort button drop-down list. Multiple items can be selected or dragged – you may need to scroll to see all document names; these cannot be changed and only one folder can be chosen for all files. If versioning is enabled in SharePoint, this is applied to sent files.


To scan pages to SharePoint:

  1. Open ScanDirect from the Start menu, right-click the SharePoint target button and choose Send To Options. Provide access information if necessary.

  2. Enter instructions for automatic file naming for multi-page scanning.

  3. Select single-page or multi-page scanning (the latter requires an ADF).

  4. Place pages and click the Scan button to see the scanner’s own interface. Choose settings and scan.

  5. The SharePoint dialog box appears (use Alt Tab to switch to it if necessary). Choose the destination Document Library and folder and click OK.

Using the SharePoint Link