To post HTML files to a web server PaperPort webpub Posting HTML files to a web server

If you have access to a web server, you can use Web Publisher to copy and publish your HTML files to the web server. This process uses the FTP program to transfer your files to the host server.

  1. On the Tools ribbon, choose PaperPort sendto options Posting HTML files to a web server Send To Options, and then, in the Program Links list, click the Web Publisher icon.

  2. In the Send To Options dialog box, click Options.

  3. In the Publish tab, under Publishing Method, click FTP.

  4. In the FTP Options area, enter the web server name, your user ID and password, and the web server folder in which to store your HTML files. Contact your service provider if you have not already obtained this information. The Save password feature is optional. If guest permissions are valid, click Anonymous login.  

  5. Select other Web Publisher options as desired, and then click OK.

  6. Connect to your Internet service provider.

  7. On the PaperPort desktop, drag the item you want to publish to the Web Publisher icon on the Send To bar. A progress bar reports the status of the page creation process.

  8. Follow the steps in the Web Publisher wizard to complete the publishing process.


If you are appending your HTML file to an existing page, Web Publisher obtains a copy of the page from the web server.



Posting HTML files to a web server