To post an HTML file to your AOL web server PaperPort webpub Posting HTML files to an AOL web server

If you use AOL and have a web site with AOL, you can use Web Publisher to create HTML files from items on your PaperPort desktop and then post the pages directly to your AOL web site.

  1. On the Tools ribbon, choose PaperPort sendto options Posting HTML files to an AOL web server Send To Options, and then, in the Program Links list, click the Web Publisher icon.

  2. In the Send To Options dialog box, click Options.

  3. In the Publish tab, under Publishing Method, click AOL.

  4. In the AOL screen name box, enter your AOL user name.

    Web Publisher knows where your web server is located based on the AOL screen name you specify. Because you can have different screen names, it is important that the screen name you specify is the same one you use to log in when Web Publisher instructs you to connect to AOL.

  5. On the PaperPort desktop, drag the item you want to publish to the Web Publisher icon on the Send To bar.

  6. Follow the steps in the Web Publisher wizard to complete the publishing process.

  7. Connect to AOL as you usually do. After you log on to AOL, Web Publisher copies your HTML files to your AOL web site.


The size of the JPEG files created by the AOL publishing method can be much larger than the original PaperPort image. If you have limited web space and want to reduce the file sizes, adjust the JPEG compression ratio.


Posting HTML files to an AOL web server