To set Send to Web Publisher options PaperPort webpub Setting Web Publisher options

In the Send To Options dialog box, you can tune default options for items that you send to the Web Publisher program on the Send To bar.

You can set whether to convert an image, such as a color photo, to JPEG, a popular format for displaying graphics on the Web — or you can convert your image items to text using PaperPort’s OCR software.

On the Send To bar, right-click the program icon and then click Send To Options to display the Send To Options dialog box. In the dialog box, select:

  • Text to convert text items to text-only HTML files using the selected OCR program.

  • Image to export PaperPort image items in the JPEG format.

When you select Text, you can specify the OCR program to use to convert items to text files. This option is available only when you have an OCR program other than the one provided with PaperPort.

Click Settings to tune these default options for your text files:

  • Digital Camera Input — Select this to inform OCR that the source for text extraction is a digital camera.

  • Auto-orient Page — Automatically rotates pages so that the text is upright. Upright text is required for OCR.

  • Single Column Output — Removes columns from a multi-column document, so that the converted text appears in a one-column format — or you can clear this option to maintain the column format, such as with a spreadsheet table.

Click Options to tune additional Web Publisher options.


You can change the options whenever you need. To display the Web Publisher Options dialog box each time you drag an item to the Web Publisher icon on the Send To bar, select the Always show options dialog box checkbox.

When the checkbox is clear, you can display the dialog box by clicking the Options button in the Send To Options dialog box.


Setting Web Publisher options