New features

PaperPort 12 includes a number of valuable new features to help you manage your documents.

Improved PDF performance

PDF files can now be opened more speedily and displayed in PDF Viewer Plus, a newly developed Nuance PDF handling application that is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat. PDF Viewer Plus opens files much faster than the general-purpose ImageViewer (also available in PaperPort 12), reducing memory requirements and permitting smaller file sizes. The new viewer optimizes the rendering resolution for each element on the page yielding a cleaner display and optimum print resolution. PDF Viewer Plus has its own Help system.

Enhanced PDF features

PDF Viewer Plus provides a wide range of new PDF features including improved annotations, and dynamic or transparent stamps. Images within a PDF document processed by PDF Viewer Plus can be sent to the ImageViewer where they can be enhanced using SET tools, with the modified image returned to the PDF. You can fill and e-mail PDF forms and create new ones, either from scratch or by using an updated FormTyper to instantly make any static form fillable. It is now integrated into the PDF Viewer Plus and uses Logical Form RecognitionTM technology to detect the form elements and also allows their properties to be managed better than ever before. Searchable PDF files are now available through Scanner Profiles, through a right click “Save As” operation on the PaperPort Desktop, or directly in the PDF Viewer Plus application.  This makes the content of your scanned paper documents or image files accessible to search engines such as Windows Desktop Search or Google.

Tab-and-ribbon User Interface

PaperPort 12 is now easier to use because all the program features are presented on a set of tabbed ribbon style toolbars with controls placed in functional groups.  We’ve also added the new “Scan Now” button so you can scan with one click without having to change to the scanner settings view.  A customizable Quick Access Toolbar appears above the ribbon toolbars so you can put your most frequently used features in one easy-to-find place.

More accurate OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning accuracy has been significantly increased over previous versions; this improvement is reflected in greater success when searching the content of Searchable PDF file archives. Language settings can now be applied to Optical Character Recognition to provide even greater accuracy in all supported languages.

Folder colors

The number of colors available for distinguishing folders rises from 9 to 29.

Digital camera input

The Send To Bar options for text applications have been updated to include a PaperPort OCR option for digital camera correction.  It is now possible to take a picture of a document and accurately convert it into a text document with this feature. This is done by applying special 3D-deskewing algorithms that flatten page images and correct distortions thereby increasing the accuracy of the resulting text document.

Making PaperPort more reliable

Sometimes PDF files may become corrupted so that they can no longer be opened. In these cases PaperPort may not be able to generate a desktop thumbnail and this may prevent PaperPort from launching properly.  A new utility program  CheckPPFolders.exe is supplied in the PaperPort program folder, along with a short help file. Run this program to identify and remove any corrupt files so that PaperPort will work properly.


The program offers an updated series of illustrated ’mini-guides’ showing typical tasks and processes, providing quick access to program areas and relevant Help topics. The How-to-Guides can be switched on in the Help ribbon.



PaperPort pp professional icon New features

The following new and key features are available only in PaperPort Professional 12:


Folder Management

You can now automatically create multiple folders by importing a list of folder names from a text file.  This option is available when you right-click on any folder. See About PaperPort folders for the required syntax.

New features in PDF Viewer Plus and PDF Create Assistant

You can create industry-standard text based PDF documents from any application directly with a “right-click” through the Windows or PaperPort Desktops (up to PDF version 1.7), using the PDF Create Assistant or by printing directly from any application with the PDF Create printer driver.  Additionally you can create PDF packages, batch create PDF files and much more using the PDF Create Assistant. A table in  About creating PDF files summarizes which options and targets are available.

Support for SharePoint

PaperPort Professional 12 is able to communicate with the Microsoft SharePoint Services 2003, SharePoint Portal 2003, SharePoint Services 2007 and SharePoint Server 2007 document management systems: get files from there, process them as desired, and then save the results by sending the output files back through the Send To Bar. ScanDirect supports scanning to PDF with the results directed to SharePoint.

Support for other Document Management Systems

Four further DM systems are supported via PDF Create 5: Hummingbird Enterprise, Hummingbird DOCSOpen, Interwoven Worksite and LiveLink. When working in Create Assistant, source files (including PDF files) can be opened from the DMS and created PDF files can be saved there. PDF Create is integrated into two of these systems (Hummingbird Enterprise and Interwoven Worksite) so that a Nuance PDF menu allows PDF files to be created from files in the DMS or outside it. Using PDF Create as the conduit, PaperPort 12 can interact with these DM Systems.  PDF Create 5 does not support SharePoint directly, but created PDF files can be directed to the PaperPort desktop and sent to SharePoint from there.



PaperPort is also supplied in Special Editions to selected scanner manufacturers and other resellers. The feature set in these editions may vary, in line with each vendor’s requirements.

New features