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PaperPort Help is written with the assumption that you know how to work in the Microsoft Windows environment. Please refer to your Windows documentation if you have questions about how to use dialog boxes, menu commands, scroll bars, drag and drop functionality, shortcut menus, and so on.

PaperPort Help provides you with all the information you need to manage and use your documents and digital photos. It gives you quick answers to your questions about using PaperPort, and includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for using PaperPort.

  • Definition of terms used in the product, document scanning, and digital imaging.

  • Troubleshooting information and instructions.

  • Tips for using PaperPort more efficiently.

  • Contents, Index, and Search tabs to the left of the topic pane. Click the Hide or Show button on the Help menu bar to hide or expose these tabs, respectively.

    • In Contents view, double-click a chapter (purple Book symbol) to open it and view page titles. Click a page title to view page content. Double-click an open chapter to close it.

    • In Index view, type a search string in the entry field; as you start typing, a matching top level Index entry appears at the top of the index list. Select an index entry and click the Display button to see either the associated topic or a topic selection window.

    • In Search view, in the entry field, type one or several words to be searched for and click the List Topics button. The list contains titles of topics in which all those words were found. Select a topic title and click the Display button to see its content.

  • Browse buttons Back and Forward that let you go back to a previously visited topic or move forward up to the most recently visited one, respectively.

You can get further information upon PaperPort functionality by viewing the following Documents from the Help ribbon:

  • PaperPort release notes Using PaperPort Help Release Notes
  • PaperPort getting started guides Using PaperPort Help Getting Started Guide
  • PaperPort how to guides Using PaperPort Help How-to-Guides

You can make use of Nuance on-line support services by visiting the following web sites from the Help ribbon:

  • PaperPort get latest updates Using PaperPort Help Get Latest Updates
  • PaperPort product information Using PaperPort Help Product Information
  • PaperPort product support Using PaperPort Help Product Support
  • PaperPort nuance home page Using PaperPort Help Nuance Home Page




Using PaperPort Help