What is PDF Viewer Plus?

Nuance PDF Viewer Plus is installed as a part of the PaperPort installation package, unless a more sophisticated Nuance PDF viewer/editor product is found during the installation process.

PDF Viewer Plus provides useful features to view and modify Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Its display algorithms have been optimized for handling PDF files, for instance by applying varied resolutions to different elements in the files. It can cooperate with different Nuance PaperPort versions.

PDF Viewer Plus can open PDF files from PaperPort in one of the following ways:

  • Select a PDF item, choose PaperPort open with What is PDF Viewer Plus? Open with… on the PaperPort Desktop ribbon (or choose Open with… in the shortcut menu), and then choose PDF Viewer Plus in the Open With dialog box.

  • If suitable settings are made in the PaperPort Options – Desktop dialog box, do one of the following:

    • Click the PaperPort button, choose PaperPort openfile What is PDF Viewer Plus? Open from the drop-down list and choose a PDF.

    • On the Desktop ribbon, choose PaperPort openfile What is PDF Viewer Plus? Open (or choose Open in the shortcut menu)

    • Double-click a PDF item

  • Drag a PDF item and drop it onto PDF Viewer icon in the Send To bar.

Once opened in PDF Viewer Plus, PDF files can be read, edited, annotated, shared, searched, form-filled.

If you open a PDF file in ImageViewer, it appears as an image-only PDF and the image editing SET tools can be used on it.

PDF Viewer Plus allows new blank PDF files to be created, awaiting the addition of content.

PaperPort Professional 12 is supplied with Nuance PDF Create 5 with full PDF creation abilities. It creates PDF files from a wide range of sources including image files, XPS, PS and EPS files, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

PDF Viewer Plus has its own Help system that describes both its own functioning and also the PDF creation process fulfilled by the PDF Create 5 program.


What is PDF Viewer Plus?