Distributing forms

Once you have a suitable unfilled active PDF form you can prepare it for distribution.

  1. Open the PDF form in PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional.

  2. Use the PaperPort selecttext Distributing forms Select Text tool to add highlights or underlines to static form text.

  3. Use the PaperPort textbox Distributing forms Text Box tool if you need to add new static text to the form.

  4. Add comments and notes if you need to review the form with colleagues before distributing it.

  5. Finish reviewing the form design, modify it as required, then remove comments or notes not wanted on the final form.

  6. Save the form.

  7. Use another application to link its fields to a database if desired.

  8. Post the form to a web site or distribute it by e-mail.

Distributing forms