To change FormTyper options PaperPort form typer Changing FormTyper options

You can change certain attributes of the FormTyper program.

  1. Display the PaperPort desktop.

  2. Right-click on the PaperPort form typer Changing FormTyper options FormTyper icon in the Send To Bar and choose Send To Options.

  3. In the FormTyper Options dialog box:

  • Select Start FormTyper window maximized to enlarge the Nuance PDF window to full screen size whenever you start FormTyper.

  • Click Change to display the Font dialog box in which you can select default font attributes, such as style and size, for text that is entered within form fields.

  1. Click OK.


To quickly access tuning options for any program link, right-click its icon on the Send To bar and then click Send To Options.


Changing FormTyper options