Filling in active forms

Active PDF forms that you have received can be filled in without using FormTyper at all. Open them in PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional. To be sure the form does have active controls, choose the Hand tool and try to step through the form elements using Tab or arrow keys and make choices and enter text.

If you cannot do this, you probably have a static form, and you must run FormTyper to add active controls.


The following form controls might appear on your forms:


PaperPort checkbox Filling in active forms    Checkbox

Click on it to select it. Click again to deselect it. When checkboxes are grouped, they can be selected or deselected independently.

PaperPort radio button Filling in active forms Radio button

Click on it to select it. Click again to deselect it. Radio buttons are always grouped and only one button in the group can be selected.

PaperPort textfield Filling in active forms Text field

Click the field to select it, click again to set a text cursor, enter a response.

PaperPort signature Filling in active forms Signature field:

Place an image file with your signature on a transparent background.

PaperPort list box Filling in active forms List box

Click the control to select it, then choose an item from the list.

PaperPort combo box Filling in active forms Combo box

Click the control to select it. Either choose a response from those in the list or enter text.

PaperPort comb box Filling in active forms  Comb box

This is a special type of text field. Click to select the control, then enter text. One character enters each comb element.


Save the filled form, preferably to a new name to avoid overwriting the blank form. Click the form’s Submit button if it exists, or re-send the form through e-mail.


Use Edit > Preferences > Forms to retain cell calculations, set ‘auto-complete’ and make other display choices.



If you run FormTyper on a form that already has active controls, these will be deleted and replaced. FormTyper detects only three of the above form control types – so use it only on static forms.

Filling in active forms