To fill in forms with FormTyper PaperPort form typer Filling in forms with FormTyper

PDF forms that already have active controls can be filled in directly without using FormTyper. If you do run FormTyper on a document that already has active controls, it stops and warns you, giving you the chance to keep the original form. This is advisable because such a form may have form control types that FormTyper cannot detect.

Drag a static form in PaperPort onto the FormTyper icon  PaperPort form typer Filling in forms with FormTyper on the Send To Bar, or use PaperPort sendto Filling in forms with FormTyper Send To from the PaperPort button drop-down list. If the form is not already a PDF, you must consent to have a PDF copy created. If your original is a PDF, you may want to make a copy before you start, so as to conserve the original static form.


Form filling occurs in your Nuance PDF program; consult its Help system for details.

  1. FormTyper starts, displays the form and overlays active form controls. It can detect checkboxes and text boxes (including comb boxes).

  2. So that you can easily see where to enter data, FormTyper underlines each field in color.

  3. Select the Hand tool and click the first text field where you want to enter data. A single click changes the state of a checkbox.

  4. Use the Tab or arrow keys to move the cursor through the fields, and complete the form by filling data into the various fields.

  5. When the form is ready, click the PaperPort pp desktop Filling in forms with FormTyper Switch to PaperPort desktop icon in the File toolbar  

  6. The completed form is returned to the PaperPort desktop and remains the selected document.


You can also open a static PDF form directly in your Nuance PDF program and run FormTyper there, using the Form Controls panel in the navigator. In this case, the resulting file does not go to PaperPort automatically. You can save it to your local computer or to a PaperPort folder.

After FormTyper runs, the Form Control panel places an entry for each page. Click it to open a list of all form controls detected on the page. Double-click an entry to see all fields of the chosen type. If the controls are not adequate, you can move or resize them or add new fields before filling the form.

When you fill a form (using FormTyper or not), and you need to return it as a physical form, you can send the whole form with responses to a printer, or you can choose to print form-fields only, then put the blank form in your printer and print just your responses onto it.



Filling in forms with FormTyper